About Me

Hey there!

My name is Julia Sharkova and I study journalism at City University of London (and enjoy it to the fullest!). I’m from the cold and mysterious part of Russia – Siberia and probably that’s the reason why London rainy weather doesn’t seem so terrible to me. On the contrary, big city inspires me every day – as if London wants to be written about.

I also love art and culture – and really adore spending my Fridays, weekends and holidays in new places – so I hope you’ll be happy to visit marvelous art exhibitions, discover quirky bars and get to know amazing people with me right here, in my blog.

Travel is one of my greatest passions as well so I’m going to post from various different places. And of course, we’re all humans with our happy and sad moments so this blog is my diary to some extent – well, as much as it can be online, sometimes in Russian (sorry!) and seen by anyone. There’s a lot of me in everything I write, even when it’s about other people as our thoughts and beliefs inevitably influence the way we perceive the world. I’m no exception – so welcome to the life of a 20-years-old Siberian girl in London!